Name: Paul Warren King
Address: Amsterdam Holland
Telephone: 00 31 (0)20 685 0747
Mobile Tel: 00 31 (0)62 865 4197
Date of Birth: 24th of May 1963 – London UK
Nationality: English

Press ID: NL 5205
BTW: NL 167760555B01
KVK: 34347087

Spoken & Written:
English (Mother Tongue)


1970 – 1975 Goring Hall Private School – Sussex – United Kingdom
1976 – 1980 The American School – Tel Aviv – Israel
1990 – 1992 The Film & Television Academy of Amsterdam (Film Production)
1993 – 1994 Media Academy & Nijenrode University – Netherlands (Executive Producer Course for Television)

Creative Producer. Adept at developing/working multi-type film projects from concept to realisation.
Independent. Experienced in prepping for foreign production/companies prior to shooting.
Confident. Scriptwriting & Directing various major International TV productions.
Flexible. Happy on Commercial or Feature film Sets and Documentary shoots.
Experienced. Major Directing, Production & AD Credits.

They say I’m a reasonably decent cook for an Englishman.. Try me!
Travel writing. Scuba diving instructor.
Shorinji Kempo – Martial Art (Black belt member of Dutch national team).

Writing, Producing & Directing Documentary film projects.



Levi’s M&CProducerLevi’sPaulkingfilm
Levi’s LVC
MTV Girls fairFirst ADYour-scene
Smit & Jansen
Bank of ScotlandFirst ADXXS
Smit & Jansen
CanonFirst ADRed Dot Agency
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Stay Ahead
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Industry Comm
ARCDirectorPeter Swanson
Global Vision
WWFLine ProducerWim V. Sloten25 FPS

Documentary film credits:

 2012   ‘Soldier on the Roof’

Creative Producer. IDFA Awards 2012 Dutch Doc & First appearance

80 Minutes. Together with Film Director Esther Hertog I researched and oversaw production on this documentary made in Hebron – Israel & Palestine.

The film showcases the absurdity of settlers dreams of making Hebron – where 500 settlers live amongst 120.000 Palestinians – into an ‘All Jewish’ town.


2012  ‘Here is Hope’: Film Director – Producer:

60” Filmed during three years, Here is Hope depicts the personal stories and changing perspectives of a Rwandan boy, an Arab girl, an Guinean Refugee, and a Russian immigrant, children in need now living in youth Villages. Related via developments taking place in the lives of these kids, this film is set in a little known Israeli schooling system now being developed in Africa as a practical educational safety net for children orphaned by war, poverty, or HIV.

Paul King Films –


2011 ‘Desert Alert’- Film Director:

60” Filmed on expedition in Mali – from Bamako to Timbouctou, Desert alert relates the perspectives of Africans on changes to their climate. What do these people think is causing the changes in their regions – can they survive climate change better than we can? These questions are raised by Bernice Notenboom – explorer to extreme environments.

Omroep Max – National Geographic


2010 ‘Orangutan the Movie’: Creative producer:

90” In development together with Mark Verkerk (Buddha’s Lost Children), this unique 3D experience is to be filmed with wild & tame Orangutan from the Borneo rain Forest and in American & European Zoo’s. ‘Orangutan the Movie’ is a feature length documentary that examines the latest knowledge about Simian intelligence – and thus our own.

Paulkingfilm – EMSFILMS


2010 ‘EAZA Year of Biodiversity’: Film Director – Producer:

10” This short film depicts the new role of Zoo’s in Nature conservation. Shot in Zoo’s around Europe, EAZA is using the film to enlist support for modern Zoo’s concerted effort to invest funds in poverty alleviation through wildlife conservation.

Paulkingfilm – Wildlifelines


2009 ‘Caught’: Film Director – Producer:

Pilot for a feature length documentary – ‘Caught’ examines solutions & threats facing the North Sea in the next decade. Filmed from the perspective of major fishermen – Greenpeace – University toxicologists and wildlife/ environmental specialists – ‘Caught’ was premièred at Erasmus University & TU Delft World Ocean day – and has gone on to be screened at the Environmental film festival. In 2010 ‘Caught’ was selected as the pre film for Charles Glover’s ‘End of the line’ DVD.

Paulkingfilm – EMSFILMS


2008 “The Search for Water’: Film Director:

Commissioned by IAEA – United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency – this ten minute film was displayed at the UN pavilion at the Zaragoza World Trade Expo. In September 2008 the film was presented in New York at the UN assembly of world Leaders conference on Global fresh Water issues.

Heartlands films – MoviTron – UN IAEA


2006 – 2011. Director – Producer – Currently in development

Wildlifelines – An independent six part wildlife documentary series that examines what is being done to protect six species of animals: Tiger – Leopard – Leatherback Turtle  – Polar Bear – Orangutan – Gorilla, all listed as critically endangered. How film can be an effective means of not only raising awareness of conservation issues – but also give people tools to make a difference.

2002 to 2005    “A Dollar A Day”: Film Director:

6 x 60” Produced by Independent Film Company EMF Films and shot in nine countries – this  series was made for U.S and international TV. Based on cutting edge World Bank PRSP research, and the United Nations Millennium Development Goals program, this project offers a hopeful yet realistic insight into global issues, by portrayal of both local initiatives and international efforts to alleviate poverty.

RVU – EMF Films – PBS – Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs


2004        “United Nations Task Force” Film Director – Line Producer:  

Commissioned by The United Nations task force program to eradicate hunger, I produced short (2 x 10) films, in Ghana & Kenya using local film crews. Screened at the 2004 African Union congress in Addis Ababa, the films were used to inspire African leaders to advocate and promote the Millennium Development goals.

EMF Films – Global Visions U.S.A – United Nations Development Program


2001        “Breaking the Silence”Co Director & Line Producer:

After script & production development, I spent three months traveling with EMMY award filmmaker Michael King throughout the U.S.A. From East L.A to Albany Georgia, from the Sioux Nation of South Dakota to New York City streets– This series documents the multi hued background of Teenage Sexuality education in contempory American society.

Michael King Productions – NBC U.S.A


2000        “First Kill”Line Producer:

Filmed in the USA & Vietnam, this ground-breaking documentary received high acclaim in various Documentary festivals, including a nomination for the ‘Boris Ivan’ award at the IDFA. In order to produce this difficult film I managed a small film crew as we filmed ‘Guerrilla style’ throughout Southern Vietnam.

Lemming Film – IKON NL


1999 tm 2000        “Water – The Drop of Life”: Film Director – Line Producer:

PBS (USA) Award winning series 6 x 60 minutes. During a single year I was part of a team that wrote, directed & filmed over 40 scripts in 30 different countries. From Yemen to Shanghai – Sydney to Mexico – Japan to Namibia and many other places, this series was broadcast worldwide, and opened the First International Conference on Fresh Water in The Hague, Holland. Featured VIP’s including  – The Dalai Lama, Jimmy Carter, Shimon Peres, Kofi Annan, Issabelle Allende, HRH Queen Noor of Jordan & HRH Prince Willem Alexander of the Netherlands.

Swynk NL – NCRV – PBS U.S.A – Discovery Channel



1997        “Serengeti Symphony” –Wildlife Documentary – Editorial consultant:

Classical Music Meets Wildlife Film.

Nature Conservation Films (NCF) – The Discovery Channel U.S.A


1997        “Hyaena” – Wildlife Documentary – Field Producer:

A co-production between Marathon Films of France and NCF. This documentary was Directed by award winning filmmaker Phillipe Moulin, and filmed in the Serengeti with advice from the world’s foremost expert on Hyaena.

NCF – Marathon films – National Geographic Channel


1996        “The Leopard Son” – Wildlife Documentary – Field Producer:

35mm wildlife film for Discovery cinema release. Working on this project I spent 18 months in Tanzania with Hugo van Lawick (8 EMMY’s & 2 Oscar’s), running Bush logistics, at times finding the Leopard, and writing film editorials.

NCF – The Discovery Channel USA


1996            “Cheetahs & Lions” Wildlife Documentaries – Field Producer.

Shot by acclaimed BBC Camera folk Alistair Mc Ewan & Sophie Buck, my task was to provide logistical & content support to a remote camp in the Tanzanian Serengeti.

NCF – The Discovery Channel USA


1995        “The Wonders Of South Africa” – Wildlife series – DirectorProducer: Together with Anton van Munster (Bert Hanstra’s cameraman), we filmed lion and other rare species in the Kalahari & Namib deserts.

National Geographic Channel – EMS – Beta Taurus films Germany



2010     “Paper Parachutes” – First AD:

Directed by Acclaimed Canadian Director Katie Pow – this is the story of a childhood fantasy and growing up.

180 Agency – KP film


2007     “Mafrica” Cinema film – Assistant to Director

Directed by Paul Ruven. We filmed Surprise in the Johannesburg area Townships. My role was to support the Director and liason between African crew and cast and Dutch production needs. Featuring Frank Lammers.

Pallazzina – Dutch Mountain Movies


2007     “Bagger” TV Short 1st AD

Directed by Paul Ruven – Presenting Michiel Romyn.

De Haaien


2007     “Tussenstand” TV Film – Set production

Directed by Mijke de Jong

Lemming Films – De Toko


2003        “Blind Date” – Feature Film – Line Producer

Israeli film Production. As Line Producer I was responsible for Facilitating a foreign film crew in Holland, arranging everything from locations, filming permit’s to hiring local crew, equipment  & casting.

Romy Productions – Tel Aviv.


2002        “Pietje Bell” – Feature Film – Set Management

German & Dutch co-production. Set in the 1920’s. My responsibility was managing locations in Belgium & Holland during actual shooting re: Local Authorities – Permits – Security – Crowd Control – Trouble Shooting.

Shooting Star Productions. NL 


2000        “Superstition” Feature film – Second AD 

Large Scale Production Filmed in Italy, Belgium & Holland with major cast such as David Warner & Charlotte Rampling. My function included working as 1st AD for Second unit filming 

LaÁventura Film & Movie Masters


1998        “Lopen” TV Feature – Third AD

Directed by Mijke de Jong, Trouble shooting on location, co-coordinating extra’s



1998        “I Witness” Music Video – Producer:

Shot road movie style – Artiste & crew traveled from the Cape to the Kalahari Desert.

WWF – 25 FPS – Catchline



2000        “Copyright Mens” TV Informative Series – On Screen Feature:

A 30-minute TV Documentary relating my own experience as co-director & scriptwriter of the hit ‘Water’ Television series. I gave an interview in this period with another Dutch TV show, ‘Patty Brard’, about the film at the Ministerial World Water conference in The Hague – Holland.

NCRV – Tenfo