I started out as a filmmaker in 1990, since then I’ve done just about every film crew task possible. I describe my role as all round Director and producer, but can always fall back on my experience as a line producer, short or long term field producing, and item writing and series directing.

I specialize in bringing film crews in and out of difficult to reach places, and working to facilitate crews from a wide range of countries. Whether I am working on a feature set, a wildlife documentary or a commercial assignment, my job is really simple: Bringing home the best film footage available.

Here’s a little personal background info on why I make films.

Who Is Paul King? I am London born and yet grew up all around the world, which means I can now make myself perfectly misunderstood in seven languages. I have a broad range of interests, and film offers me many opportunities to satisfy my curiosity.

Why did I become a filmmaker? At the age of 11 years I was cast in a large-scale American feature film. After rehearsals and learning new things like riding a horse and fight acting, I found myself on my first film set. This was a huge experience for a curious lad: attentive & nice smelling make up girls, ‘tough’ looking crew running around with all sorts of interesting tools, and lots of free food all day long.
I decided there & then to become a filmmaker. Somehow I managed to avoid pressing any of the many tempting switches & red buttons on that film set. It seemed to me that the people behind the camera were having much more fun than us in front of it. To the director’s surprise I wanted to start immediately…

Where do I live & work? My home base is Amsterdam Holland. The life of a traveller has taught me to get by in many ‘challenging’ situations. By now I’ve traversed the planet at least thirty times, and feel just at ease working in African townships or jungles, diving under the North Sea, hiking the Jerusalem hills, working with Australian Aboriginals or with the Kalahari Bushmen. Since studying film production at the Dutch Film Academy I’ve had the good fortune to work with some great filmmakers on major wildlife films, commercials & features. Ten years ago my childhood dream came true, and since then I’ve written and directed a few films myself.
My best experience has been working on documentary films with wild leopards. Films I’ve worked on have been broadcast on international television, and seen by many millions of viewers. I find it important to use film to bring people together that might never meet, and show them the world they live in, in an inspiring and constructive manner.

Paul King 
2012 – Amsterdam